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Who is Lise Swart?

Lise Swart was born and raised in Somerset West (Western Cape) and studied BA Drama at the University of Stellenbosch.

She has gained notoriety as a host of popular television shows such as Pitstop (SABC2), Roer! (WatchNET), Ailment (KykNET) and Kook en Geniet (KykNET) and was also the background singer for Anton Goosen for many years.

The experience she gained at a teenage rehabilitation center in London in 2002 made her realize that it was her real calling to work with people. This was the major driving force behind the establishment of the weekly radio program Who am I? - with Louis and Lise (Fridays at 11.30:XNUMXam on RSG). She is the producer and presenter of this program, as well as the media head of the business of the same name.

Lise Swart in conversation

  1. Why were you in London and how did it happen that you worked at a rehabilitation center?

    Like most young people, I had a student loan to pay off. Those years, a two-year job in London, where you were paid in pounds instead of rands, was still the easiest and fastest way to make money. I started off with an administration job at the rehabilitation center, but the head psychiatrist found out somewhere that the teens were more responsive to me than most middle-aged doctors, and so I was trained to do the initial assessment tests with the kids and the parents assist with process questions. It was an incredible experience, which made me realize again that I would rather help people with problems than being on stage.

  2. Why did you decide to become a television presenter?

    It was never an option for me until in my early twenties by the manufacturer of Roer! (KykNET) has been approached to attend an audition. Because the medium was so strange to me at that stage, I did everything wrong, and I was 100% convinced that I had not passed the audition. It was a big shock when the manufacturers let me know that I got the job. Before long, I became acquainted with the medium and enjoyed every moment of my work, especially talking to the most diverse personalities. In 2011, however, I realized that I wanted to realize my real dream, namely to do radio work. It is then that Who am I? - with Louis and Lise "Born".

  3. How has your drama training helped your career?

    Seeing that I was never interested in theater work, that part of the training didn't mean much to my career, but the speech training was invaluable. However, it was in my student years that I realized how important it is for a person to know who you are. Whether you have to play a role, make an important choice or choose a relationship partner - you have to know yourself. You need to know who you are, how you are and what the world out there looks like.

  4. Why did you start Wie is ek? start?

    In 2011, I was diagnosed with general anxiety. It was difficult to accept the diagnosis because it felt as if all the symptoms the psychiatrist pointed out were part of who I am. I didn't want to know anything about medication either, but I eventually agreed to use it, on condition that I could stop using it (with the psychiatrist's help) at any time.

    My life has changed quite dramatically. Before my visit to the psychiatrist, I was unaware of my poor concentration, how annoyed I could become with people or how badly I actually slept. Even my chronic colds and flu attacks stopped.

    It has become increasingly clear that thousands of people out there also need help; So, with a clinical psychologist, I saw a gap to help people with self-understanding and management of their respective diagnoses. He agreed that this is a good idea. We initially presented our program on community radio stations and joined the RSG family at a later stage. In this way, I was finally able to live out my dream of helping others.

  5. What role do you play in the process?

    My work is predominantly in the background, but is quite comprehensive: I am the director, marketing and media head of the Who I am company, radio show host, I do the content planning of the website, help answer listeners and reader letters, and so on. Actually, there are a myriad of tasks involved in planning such a thing, but because it is a longstanding dream come true, I enjoy every moment of it.

I have long been searching for a group of psychologists who can answer my questions about psychology and human behavior. Through my many years of working with Louis Awerbuck, I became Shickerling Awerbuck Inc. get to know. I like working with a group of psychologists, because it ensures that you hear not just one person's experience and opinion, but different professionals. What contributes to providing the best advice, no matter what the topic is.

Like Schickerling Awerbuck inc. growth I get, and Who am I? listeners also have the opportunity to seek more advice in various areas.

I believe everything in life is a process. Whether you are a depression fighter or going through a divorce. Nothing happens quickly - especially if you wish it away. Many times we are not even sure we are in the process, so Who am I? try to help people identify processes, address problems and how and why it is sometimes necessary to ask for help. Being a human does not come with a manual so each case is unique, so if you feel the advice we give is not appropriate to your situation, we encourage you to share your story with us. A professional will then look at it and offer you advice on how to handle the situation. Write to us via email.

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